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About Xchange Zone.ca

A Collection of Talents Under a Single Banner

For more than 20 years, the management team at Xchange Zone.ca has been committed to providing the highest quality services. Our experience is our best witness.

Hand-picked from different chain stores, the team members have combined their expertise in order to give you even more, giving you a pleasant visit and experience in our stores. Our team stands apart for their commitment to providing you with dedicated, efficient and personalized service. We look forward to meeting you.

Get Cash for Your Used Goods

In addition to a complete range of services designed to give you access to cash quickly in exchange for your valuables, Xchange Zone.ca also sells thousands of used or almost new goods for a fraction of the price. An economical and ecological alternative for all your needs. Come and visit us in Longueuil, La Prairie, Trois-Rivières and Laval!

An Adaptable Company

The world of second-hand goods has been changing dramatically for many years. With the prevalence of the websites, clients have multiple options for selling or buying their used goods, and they are much better informed when it comes to the actual value of their used items. At Xchange Zone.ca, we understand that the only way we can be the best and remain the best is to pay the most for your items. Our goal is to make the sale easy, fast and profitable for you. With this approach, all of our clients are satisfied, and they are quick to recommend us to their friends.


Contact us in order to find out what kind of items we buy, or visit our jobs page to find out how you can join our dynamic team.