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You can trust Xchange Zone.ca for the sale, purchase or pawning of your valuables. Our employees are selected on the basis of the values that the company has adopted. The training that our team undergoes focuses on understanding the needs of the client.


We Pay The Best Price for Your Jewellery 

When the price of precious metals rises, many business people take advantage of the opportunity to cash in and try to become gold merchants. However, offering the best price to a client who is selling jewellery takes a great deal of expertise. We have been enhancing our expertise in this area for 20 years. We can assess the value of your jewellery in terms of the purity of the gold and the actual value. We are also qualified to assess your diamonds in terms of size, weight, purity and cut. That way, you will always be able to get the maximum price for your jewellery. Dare to compare, you will become of of our satisfied customers.